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Wibo Koole
Meditation teacher, author and speaker, executive coach.


The work of Wibo Koole builds on his considerable experience in management himself, as campaign and strategy manager with the Dutch Consumer Association, as head of communications for Oxfam Novib and the mental health organization Emergis, and as general director of the Dutch Nature and Environment Foundation.


Wibo Koole is a public speaker on leadership, mindfulness and organizational development and the author of the bestselling Mindful Leadership. Tools to help you focus and succeed that provides the first comprehensive framework for mindfulness-based leadership and teamwork.

Besides teaching mindfulness based leadership programs Wibo Koole works as a management consultant and leadership expert for innovation in complex systems. His work focuses on strategy and innovation, change management and leadership development in a wide range of organizations, both corporate and social.

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18 April 2020

Hope, When Things Are As They Are

Hope is a theme not often mentioned in mindfulness. In mindfulness, we observe experiences in the moment. We try to stay away from ruminating about what could have been or from daydreaming about a bright future. We try to acknowledge every experience, without judgment. Seeing every experience as it is, moment by moment. That realism

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4 January 2016

Mindfulness at work: the fallen celebrity of 2016?

Over the last few years, thanks to big corporations, the media and enthusiast practitioners mindfulness training at work has reached celebrity status. It’s promoted as a solution to many or most of our daily organizational problems and demands like stress and burn-out, bad communication and cooperation, creativity and high performance. What is the truth about

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