26 November 2014

Mindful leadership is impossible!

Mindfully leading your team starts with a simple choice. As a leader, do you allow circumstances to rule or do you take the lead? Do you choose unconditionally to ensure that your own resilience is up to the mark, so that your team can also build on you or do you neglect the balance in

19 November 2014

Mindful Leadership: beyond the autopilot

Agreeable work with less stress, achieving higher reliability of operational processes, much more intensive team work with horizontal responsibilities and a greater call for creativity and innovation. We also have high expectations of managers, for they can guide their teams and organizations in the proper direction or they can slow them down in the delivery

12 November 2014

Mindful leadership: confronting your own demons by taking unconditional responsibility

Last week I talked an evening on mindful leadership with a group of 40 leaders from various backgrounds. Some leading big corporations, others from health care providers, some from very innovative start-ups. All curious to learn how to focus their teams’ attention on what really matters. Eager to learn how to build a capability as

4 November 2014

Can we overcome fear of change through mindfulness?

The examples of leaders struggling with change are countless. Many leaders choose to continue to work too hard with all the consequences this has for their personal life and for the teams they lead. The reason things so often go wrong when we, as leaders, instigate change is because we do not really fully understand

29 October 2014

The 5 capabilities of mindful leaders. Building resilience and an open mind

Developing mindfulness as manager is a learning process. Learning ensures that an experience, a moment consciously lived in the here and now, can influence your future behavior. With mindfulness, you build resilience.  That offers you the possibility of consciously choosing between action and reflection. And so you learn to approach the future with an open