Below you will find a brief overview of my services in the various areas where I am active:

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Executive Coaching

Based on my practice and experience as an executive (team) coach, I offer support for diverse types of challenges that leaders, teams and organizations face. It may refer to:

  • Dialogue and collaboration in leadership teams around the strategic challenges for the organization.
  • Effective functioning of the leadership team, making conflicts negotiable and strengthening mutual cooperation based on the individual capacities present.
  • Setting up and ensuring effective leadership appropriate to complex change processes in the organization.
  • Guidance of leaders individually, with in-depth conversations and personal feedback on their style of operation, and the development of new options for action.

My approach is characterized by deep interest and empathy in both the business and the personal context. To begin with, we take a good look at what is needed. This is followed by a thorough analysis of the team climate, appreciation of each other’s competencies and mutual cooperation. We discuss the results of the analysis in reflective conversations individually and in a workshop with the team. In order to achieve effective cooperation for the benefit of the challenges of the organization. Individual and team coaching can be part of the development process.

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Training for Organizations and their Leaders

It goes without saying that the future requires change. People in organizations need new skills, new ways of thinking and new visions. New behaviors to collaborate more effectively. Agility of thought and action is more important than ever in the fast pace of today’s world. With Awaris Nederland, which I co-founded, we offer programs to hone these skills. Evidence- and mindfulness-based transformation, with your business goals in mind. Look for our approach on our website.

These are our most popular training courses:

  • WorkingMind
    In a world where we are connected by electronic networks, we almost permanently experience an enormous workload due to information overload and the requirement to always respond quickly. We know that we have to take good care of our bodies. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. But too little do we realize that a healthy mind needs just as much training and dedication. Awaris’ WorkingMind program focuses on the mental well-being of employees. It integrates mindfulness in the workplace. Because more mindfulness at work leads to more resilience and better cooperation between employees. It creates a calmer working environment, with more satisfied employees.
  • TeamMind
    Most teams know what it takes for success. But succeeding is not so easy. And there is often a lack of enthusiasm, well-being, psychological safety, and learning capacity. Hybrid working has made that even more difficult. Awaris’ TeamMind program can help. It provides team development and training for hybrid teams. Because hybrid working can also be very enjoyable and increase enthusiasm. TeamMind develops new work habits in teams and thus uses the potential of hybrid teams. This allows employees to thrive and make the most of the flexibility offered by remote working.
  • LeadersMind
    Leaders operate in an extremely fast-paced, complex world. A world characterized by information overload and enormous pressure to innovate. What do managers need to face those challenges with confidence? How should they handle stress and recharge their battery? Can they stay productive in turbulent times? At Awaris, we know that our LeadersMind leadership program has some of the answers. We offer leadership training that strengthens the presence, emotional agility, and resilience of leaders, and helps to think in a structured way.

For the complete overview of training courses, please visit the website of Awaris Netherlands or of Awaris Global.


Keynote Speaker

I love telling your organization or meeting an inspiring story about:

  • Conscious and wise leadership.
  • Resilience, vitality, and neuroscience to prevent stressed organizations.
  • What and how of team collaboration by developing effective team habits to help each other stay healthy and enjoy working.
  • ‘The good life’ and what you can learn from Greek philosophy and Buddhist psychology – and the surprising parallels between them –.
  • Why mindfulness only works, when you don’t stay on your cushion but start doing something in the world.

My lectures and presentations always have a background in the latest scientific insights, combined with my extensive experience as a manager, coach and trainer.

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Meditation Retreats and Weekends

If you are interested in meditation and mindfulness, you are very welcome during the meditation weekends and retreats that I guide. At first glance, meditation seems to be about our inner life. Yet that is only partly true. At its core, meditating means practicing how to deal with our experiences. They consist of our perception of the world from within and from outside – with our reaction to it – and that determines how we behave and behave towards the world, towards others and towards ourselves. Meditation is therefore always about the connection between our inner self and the outside world. As a meditation facilitator I help people to gain insight into thinking and feeling, awareness and reactivity. By gaining insight into reactive patterns – in the form of preconceived opinions, worries and fixed ways of thinking – we make room for autonomy and inner freedom to shape ‘the good life’.

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